What shall I do if I want a loft conversion?

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If you would like a quote the please give us a call on 0800 310 1070 or submit a email via our contact page. From here we can arrange a survey of your loft space; we can then provide you with a quotation with all the relevant paper work.

Then if you are happy with a quote we can then send a member of our design team round to discuss the layout of your loft. This person will be an architect unlike other loft companies use draftsmen, the benefit of an architect is that they know a lot more about building regulations and have a lot more experience in this field. This ensures your building regulations application will be approved first time. This saves you the risk of having to appeal, or resubmitting your plans. If you have to resubmit your plans then the council will require additional fees. This is why it’s best not to cut any corners by using a draftsman.  This process takes around 4-6 weeks.

Once the plans have be approved we can then look at giving you a start date. At this point we can start making provisions in preparation of your loft conversion i.e. arranging scaffolding and skips.

At this point the only payments you would have made would be the council fees and the architects fees. We take stage payments throughout the conversion, all this information is given to you with the quote. Final payment is not made until the loft conversion is complete, signed off by the local council and most importantly with your satisfaction.

We have a full run down of how our loft conversions are carried out under the How We Work section.

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