Is My Loft Suitable For A Loft Conversion?

Is my loft suitable for a loft conversion

Is My Loft Suitable For A Loft Conversion?

Well almost any loft can be converted; it is just a case of how it can be converted. The general rule is that you should have at least 2.3 meters between the top of your ceiling joists top the top of your ridge beam.Even if you do not have the 2.3 meters clearance, a loft conversion could still be possible.


We have come across this situation before on a 120 year old Victorian house. The existing space between the ridge beam and the ceiling joist was 2 meters. All we did was lower the ceiling throughout the first floor. This was possible because the first floor ceilings were so high that even when  the ceiling was lowered we still had the standard ceiling height once we was finished.

Another situation to take into account is whether your roof is made up of trusses. A roof truss is made up of manufactured timber in the typical shape of W (see picture). If your roof is made up from a truss there is no problem in converting it. It may just take a little more time to convert your loft and there is a typical 8% rise in the cost of converting.

You’re truss roof will have to be strengthened first before we can convert it. This process basically involves the loft conversion company reforming a roof inside your existing roof.  To do this we have to remove all of your roof tiles. Normally when doing this customers ask for the tiles to be renewed.

If your attic space doesn’t fall under any of the above then you are almost certainly able to convert your loft into living space.

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