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Loft Conversions Essex
Essex Loft Conversion


Will a loft conversion in Essex increase the value of my home? Well it is said that a loft conversion can increase the value of your on average of 15%. Adding any rooms to your home can increase the living space inside you home and at the same time increase the value of your home.

Lets say for example you live in a property that is worth £300,00 and you convert your loft and the value of your house increases just 10%. The new value of your home would be £330,00, this is great when you consider the average figure of a loft conversion to be between £20,000 to £26,000.

If you really want to know how much extra the value of your home could go up after having a loft conversion. Then a simple trick is to check through curtain websites such as how much houses are selling  in your area with the extra bedroom.

It is not just about adding value to your home though you still will be left with one or two more rooms designed and laid out exactly how you would like them. Withing going to all the hassle of moving, and of course paying all the expenses and taxes that the government seems to like to charge you just for moving.

It is important to make sure you choose the correct company to carryout this work, its not always about the price of what it will cost but you have to make sure that who ever carries out this work that they pay attention to your opinion and carry out the work safely.

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