Loft Conversion Glossary


An architect is someone who professionally designs buildings or structures, in the context of this site it will be the person who designs and prepares the drawings for your loft conversion.

Building Regulations

Building regulations are put in place to control the manner and quality of buildings. They are out in place to ensure minimal public safety under the acceptable standards of construction.

Building Control Officer

This is someone who is appointed in charge of overseeing construction work, making sure all work is carried out under the building regulations.



A gable or a gable wall is the wall that comes up the side of a house to meet the ridge, it would be the triangular shape on the side of a building.

Hip to Gable

The process of when you convert a hipped roof to a gable roof, a hipped roof is a roof that has no gable; typically a hipped roof on a house would have 4 slopped corners. For images of a hipped roof or more information on a hipped to gable see types of loft conversion pictures.

Loft Conversion


A loft conversion would be the conversion of a loft into living space, such as a bathroom, bedroom or office.

Mansard Roofs

A mansard roof is normally a roof made with slopes of different pitches the lower slope being much steeper, normally providing space within the roof for rooms. See her for more information.

Party Walls

A party wall is a wall built between two adjoining properties that are shared but the tenants, for information on the party wall act click here.

Permitted Development

Generally permitted development is building work which can meet certain criteria meaning it doesn’t require planning permission, for more information on this subject check out our permitted development page.

Planning Permission

Planning permission is something that is needed to carry out curtain aspects of building work. Permission is normally granted by the Council or local authorities.



The ridge is the highest point of a roof; this is where the roof meets.

Shell Conversion

A shell conversion is a loft conversion completed to everything but the finishing touches, like the skirting, doors and sometimes without being plastered. For more information please contact us to discuss your needs.

Structural Drawings

The structural drawings are a set of drawings that specify what materials are needed to support the structure.

Truss Roof


A truss roof is a roof manufactured in a workshop and delivered and installed to form a roof. Often the timber size is a lot smaller than a traditional roof. They are normally in the shape of a W.


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