Choosing The Right Company

Loft Conversion Company Checklist

Converting your loft is not just about choosing the right layout or what colour you would like the carpet. It is also about choosing the right company that will carry out the job correctly and in accordance to building regulations.

On many different occasions when we are visiting clients properties to provide a quotation we hear of other “companies” that have been round to quote as well. These companies try to cut costs by cutting corners such as not actually carrying out a loft conversion. Instead these companies often refer their service as a loft room, not a loft conversion.

Like the name suggests a loft room is a room that is built in a loft, not a loft conversion. These rooms are often not built to building regulation standards, they are just rooms in your attic. These types of rooms are normally not carried out through building regulations,hence they are not habitual rooms and they will not add value to your home.

Any mention of not following planning permission or not going ahead with building regulations should warn you of who you are dealing with, these companies may offer you a cheap loft room but that will be all you are getting.

It is important that the company you are looking at using will work with you for your needs, this is a life changing project and if you are paying to have it carried out then it is important to have it the way you want it.

Another important factor is the payment terms are you going to pay in stages, or all up front. It is very important to know this before going ahead with the conversion. We recommend not paying for any materials or labour up front, until you can see something is happening then we wouldn’t recommend handing any money over.

Also when looking at the financial side its a good idea to have a look through the quote to see what is mentioned and what is not. If you are not sure if something is covered in the quote ask because if its not you could get a nasty surprise down the path.

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