How Long Do Loft Conversions Take?

This is something we are asked almost every time we survey a new potential loft conversion, it is a good question. At the end of the day no matter how much you may like the company you are going to get tired and frustrated of a loft conversion could be able to take.

Fox Conversions is a company that like to start the work and complete the job in good time, leaving you with a good quality conversion, like some other companies may do. We understand why wouldn’t want someone starting on your loft conversion then going to other jobs etc.

The typical loft conversion with a dormer will take around four to six weeks we have listed the process below to explain what will happen in that time.

Every loft conversion is different, but most loft conversions follow a certain timeline, in the first week you have the scaffold erected, the materials being delivered and work will start on the structure of your loft conversion such as the installation of steels.

In the second week you have the structural work being undertaken again, this would include the installation of a new floor, and or a dormer. The third week would include the roofing side being carried out as well as the internal stud walls.

The fourth would include work such as the dry lining and the installation of a staircase, and the removal of the scaffold. Then the fifth week the plastering would be undertaken then second fix carpentry would be carried out, along with second fix electrical and plumbing work.

The sixth week would be just the finishing of the last outstanding tasks such the removal of the skip, and having the loft conversion signed off by the local building control.

A typical loft conversion without a dormer normally takes a lot less time, normally four to six weeks. However its best to check prior to works starting

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