Loft Conversions For Bungalows

Loft Conversions for bungalows are just as easy to convert as a house with multiple floors, it is not any harder to convert a bungalow compared to a house.

Even sometimes it is a lot more straight forward as there are normally more load bearing walls (walls that can carry weight) than you would find in a house.  This effectively can reduce the cost of the loft conversion as there may not be as much work as there could be if there was no load bearing walls.

The great thing about converting a bungalow is that they normally have a large surface area of land that they sit on, so when you convert your loft you would be left with more room to convert than you do with some houses.  So the results of converting that space is can be very satisfying.

The only problem that you can be presented with is the pitch of your roof, it is vital to have the right height and pitch to allow you the required headroom, if the pitch is too low then you can be left with problems.

Ideally you would have at least 2 meters and 10 centre meters between the floor of your loft and the highest part of your loft, this would be the ridge.

It’s often a good idea to make the maximum use of the space and install a dormer to the rear of your house; this is like converting a rectangle into a square. Please see our types of loft conversion page for more information on dormers.

The next step after the dormer would be to add a staircase; this is often tricky as most homes are designed to have a staircase installed randomly at any time, so there is always the case of finding the perfect spot.  Although this is a tricky process there is always a way we can install a staircase and reduce the space a room may take up.

We have a lot of clever designs to work around the staircase, we would be more than happy to explain upon visit to your home.

If you would like help converting your loft please feel free to contact Fox Conversions, Fox Conversions is a loft conversion company in Essex, we also work in and around London, Kent and Surrey.

Feel free to contact us using the contact form on this webpage.


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