Loft Conversions Ideas

There are many different ways to design your loft; there is always the age old question of where the staircase is going to enter the loft, or how many bedrooms can fit into the space. To have a bathroom/en suite or not, or how to utilize that odd bit of space that is where the loft finishes.

Loft Conversion Staircase

With staircases it is always a good idea to have a double winding staircase when possible, these staircases use the least space, and you can have these staircases made at any size you wish within reason.

An example would be where you have small space you can make your staircase a double winder (turning point), then you can make the staircase 75cm wide making the overall width of the staircase 1.5 meters. This is a great way of making the most of the space you have. Alternative you can make the staircase wider, as it isn’t always nice to be walking up a narrow staircase.


There are many different ways to make a small room bigger by incorporating curtain ideas and designs. Instead of using radiators you can use under floor heating, or have no radiator at all! A lot of our customers do not have radiators at; this is because due to building regulations there is a lot of insulation in loft conversions. Combine this with fact heat rises you find it gets very warm in your loft with little need for a radiator.

Loft Conversion WalldrobeYou can also construct a wardrobe into an odd space in a way you would think the wardrobe was designed how it is. You can build shelves or draws into the wall to maximize the potential size of the room.

A lot of people like to have an en suite in their loft conversion; this is something that is great if you have an area that can be broken up to make room for a room. There are many different bathroom designs out there to accommodate a loft conversion sized bathroom.


Some people are lucky enough to move into a house and have the space and ridge height to be able to convert their loft. Some people aren’t always as lucky to have the space, but no matter what there are always ways to get around these problems.

Fox Conversions carry out loft conversions in Essex and they can help you make the most of your loft space with their design team. Give them a call or email today to discuss the possibilities of converting your loft.


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