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Sprinkler Systems for Loft Conversions & Open Planned Spaces

Automist Installer

Having a domestic sprinkler system fitted at home can be a very expensive expense, there are many different systems to have. Like for example you can have the water brought in through your water main. This would be the pipe that connects your home to the water grid. This requires good pressure from the water main, if it is not then you have to request to the company supplying the water to increase the pressure, this is an expense that costs in the thousands.

There is also another way, you can have a water tank that you can fill with water that can supply water for around ten minutes this tank is very large and needs to be installed somewhere in your home. This kind of defeats the object in having a loft conversion or an open planned space.
Luckily as Fox Conversions discovered when carrying out an open planned loft conversion there is another system on the market. It is not as expensive, it takes a lot less time to install and you don’t have to rip holes in the ceiling for sprinkler heads to install it. The system is called Automist it is a product produced by a company called Plumis.

Automist is a system the gathers water from your water main and uses a pump to pump a water mist out to control and put out fires. It can be fitted in a number of different ways; their engineers will look at your needs and provide you with the plan and information that you need to implement.
It is approved by building regulations although it is advisable to check with the local building control before implementing the system as different building control officers can have different views of situations.

Loft Conversion Sprinkler

The system is linked to a heat alarm that triggers the pump, only when the heat alarm is triggered the system will start. It is a common myth that these systems can go off accidently or at the expense of burning the toast.

This is in fact false, in order for a heat alarm to go off the room would have to extremely hot, this ensures that there are no false alarms. Fox Conversions have installed this system and are an approved installer.

The system can be fitted to a wall, under a kitchen tap or mounted on a kitchen worktop, please check their site for more information and pictures.
If you need a loft conversion that requires a sprinkler system please contact Fox Conversions and we will be happy to help you.

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