Garage Conversion East London

Garage Conversion In East London

This was a garage conversion that we undertook on the Isle of Dogs, with land in London being high value it is no wonder why everyone is taking advantage of their garages. A lot of the time where a house has a garage it is too small for a modern car because many years ago cars where a lot smaller.

The pictures below go through the steps of having the garage conversion. This garage conversion didn’t have the garage door removed or a window installed so it was a little more straight forward than normal. On this project we started with the floor first, the first step is to lay a membrane that prevents any damp rising then above that a floor is laid consisting of insulation and timber with chipboard as the final layer.

Then any external walls are that don’t have insulation in them have a stud wall built in front of the wall with insulation inside that wall. Once that is done all surfaces are plaster boarded and plastered.

This customer asked for patio doors to be installed so they could keep their luggage behind the doors.


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