Loft Conversion In Chingford, London

Loft Conversion Chingford – London

Below is some before and after for a loft conversion chingford carried out in London, this loft conversion was a hip to gable loft conversion, this is when you have a roof that  has four pitch sides that lead to a ridge. You can see the before picture below, it as the first picture and how the roof was originally constructed this type of construction isn’t best for a loft conversion. So the first step is to take off the side of the roof on the side of the house (or both sides in some cases if you can) and replace it with a brick/block wall.

In this case the gable wall was built of block work and rendered to match the existing walls of the house. The customer at a later date was going to paint the gable once the windows in the house had been changed.

This gives you so much more space inside the loft to what you would have before, the next step was to install steals for structural support and build a dormer off of the side of the roof. This again making the most use of the space that is available in the loft space. A dormer is that part of the roof where you have a box like section come off of the roof.

The next step of this loft conversion Chingford was to install a purling wall to support the front roof, then the floor and then prepare for the staircase that was going to be installed. Every house has a different layout, so every house has a different place to install a staircase every time Fox Conversions carries out a loft conversion they do their best to ensure that the space on the first floor isn’t taken away too much by the new staircase.

In this case the client had a cupboard in the bathroom that wasn’t much smaller that what the staircase would be so Fox Conversions removed the cupboard and made good to the bathroom. It went very well and there was minimal impact of having a staircase on the first floor. On this loft conversion the client was able to gain two good sized bedrooms in their loft and a shower room.

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