Loft Conversion Tadworth – Surrey

Loft Conversion Tadworth

Below is a loft conversion that was converted in Tadworth, Surrey. This was a conversion on a two bedroom house that was a new build and had a truss roof. We find that a typical loft conversion Tadworth has a traditional roof as the buildings tend to be a bit older, but this roof was not.
A truss roof conversion isn’t hard to do, it just creates a couple more days work on the conversion. This is because the existing roof needs to be re-enforced because a truss roof is a lot weaker when you start cutting the timbers.

New timbers are planted along side the old trusses and bolted together this makes the truss roof a lot more stronger and then you can put the dormer on the other side of the roof (if you are having a dormer, else both sides are re-enforced). There isn’t a lot more effort in converting a truss roof, we find a lot of companies seem to make a deal out of converting a truss roof but we don’t find it too much hassle.

This loft conversion also had a combi boiler install, as there was a water tank in the loft space and it was needed to be removed in order to have the loft conversion. Fox Converisons carried out this work with their gas safe plumber.

This was the second loft conversion in Tadworth that we had carried out.

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