Step By Step Guide – Loft Conversion

How Is My Garage Converted?

Below for you we have a step by step guide on how a garage conversion is carried out.

Phase 1

The first task is to take away any garage doors and infill the voids with matching brickwork or render and then we will create an opening for a window. During the stage external doorways are cut out and old ones are filled in (if any).

Phase 2

A new floor is installed consisting of insulation & chipboard and any external walls that do not contain any insulation have insulation installed then have a stud wall installed so that you now have insulation in your walls.  The building inspector pays his first visit, to see some a floor being installed along with some insulation check out our garage conversion London pictures.

Phase 3

The electrician and plumber do any first fix works which consist of installing the cable or pipe work for any lights, sockets and radiators. All surfaces are then prepared for plastering.

Phase 4

The next stage we cut an opening into your garage from your home. Then all surfaces are prepared for plastering.

Phase 4

Second fix carpentry, plumbing and electrical is carried out. The building inspector pays a visit and then the work is signed off.

As a rule of thumb most garage conversions generally take less than two weeks.

So if a garage conversion interests you then please get in contact so we can help you convert that space.

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