Garage Conversion Bishop Stortford – How We Convert Your Garage

Garage Conversion Bishops Stortford 

Before converting your garage with Fox Conversions we would like to explain to you how we convert a standard garage. So below we have explained how we converted a garage recently in Bishops Stortford. This was a standard garage conversion that was being transformed into an office and a utility room. We are happy to provide you with a garage conversion Bishop Stortford as well.

All of our garage conversions are carried out to building regulations and have regular visits from the local building control to ensure every thing is carried out to standard.

Garage Conversion LintleDay One

The first day we will arrive on site and speak to you about what is going to happen before starting work, ordering materials, remove the garage door and install two pre stressed concrete lintels these take the load of the brick work that will be built on the front of your garage.  If the front of your garage is being rendered then we still do the same, the lintels are installed below floor level so that they are not seen.

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Garage Conversion BrickworkDay Two

On the second day the lintels will be ready to build on, if the front of your garage is being rendered then we will form an wall ready for render and a window size of your choice. If you are having a brick wall we will match the brick to the closest possible match to the bricks that you have. You have the options of either having the brickwork toothed out or set back. If you have the brickwork toothed out then the two sides of brickwork will be cut out and the new brickwork will run into the existing brick work.

If you have the brickwork setback then the price is slightly less expensive as the brickwork is setback from the front by around 3cm, sometimes this is the best choice if it is impossible to get an exact match to your existing brickwork.  We will be able to help you choose what is best for you before you make a choice on this.

As you can see in this picture the customer chose to have the brick match the same brick as the house rather than the garage and set the wall back this made the wall a feature wall.

Day Three

On day three we lay a membrane to the floor of the garage to stop any damp arising into your new floor, we then build any stud work off of this membrane, any exterior walls for example walls that are not joined to your house have a stud wall built against them and insulation installed between the studs. This acts as a cavity wall and provides your garage with some insulation.

At this point any first fix plumbing and electric is installed into the garage for services such as lighting, sockets, radiators and any sinks, toilets, showers etc.

Garage Conversion InsulationGarage Conversion Damp ProofingGarage Conversion Plumbing






Day Four

On day four a floor consisting of chipboard and insulation is normally installed to the garage to bring the finish floor height to the same height as your houses. After his point we can then install your new window(s) or maybe even door(s) as well. At the same time we then knock through into home so you now have access to your garage from your home, this is only done if your garage has the windows/doors to keep it secure.

We knock an opening through to the same size of a standard door/bespoke door size and install a lintel to support the structure of your house. During this time we make sure that we do our best to make sure your home remains dust free.

Garage Knock Through 2Garage Knock Through






Day Five

On day five we start to dry line the walls of your garage conversion so that they are ready for plastering, this is normally a short process.






  Day 6

On day six the garage is plastered, it is then ready for the second fix carpentry, electric and plumbing. These trades will install the finishing touches and services for the garage such as doors, lights, radiators etc.


Day 7

On day seven the second fix is carried out along with the lighting and plumbing and this customer asked for coving in their garage conversion so this was provided as requested. We now have a  finished garage conversion ready for you and your family to use. Our services do not only just include Garage Conversion Bishops Stortford, we also carry out loft conversions and garage conversions.










Fox Conversions can provide this service for you, we can also offer the final finishes such as kitchen fitting and decorating, we can provide a serape quote for this work. Why not get a garage conversion Bishop Stortford?

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