Converting A Garage Into A Flat

Convert Garage Into Flat

At Fox Conversions recently we have noticed due to a raise in the demand for rent people have been converting their garages into a rent able room these are often bedsits or one bedroom flats. This can really be a great way to make the most of the space you have that you may not be using. You can turn your garage into a rent able space, and until the amount you spent converting the flat has been paid back to you by a tenant then you shouldn’t have to pay any tax!

We can help you achieve this, like we helped this customer. He wanted to convert his garage into a flat at his house in Basildon. Fox Conversions helped our customer buy installing cooker points for a kitchen to be installed, waste services for a toilet, shower and skin. This conversion took around 8 days and the customer can now benefit from any unused space that he has in his garage.

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Below we have some before and after pictures of the process of the conversion. We removed the garage doors and built a block wall, it was then rendered to match the rest of the house. The customer chose to install the plumbing and kitchen himself to try save money, but we can also provide this service.

Make Yourself Mortgage Free!

Many of our customers are now converting their garages into rent-able rooms, with the current state of the banks renting is becoming more of a common need. Please see our over garage to rent-able room here.

If you are interested in converting your garage into a flat / rent-able room please contact us today for a free consultation!


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