Loft Conversion Upminster

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Loft Conversion In Upminster

Loft Conversion In Upminster

Having a loft conversion can be a great way to improve your home. Everyone needs to change their home at some point in there lives, Fox Conversions offers a loft conversion Upminster service. We offer this service to help people that want to improve their homes, why move? Who wants to pay estate agents, solicitor fees and stamp fees before you even get to move.

We had an ever expanding family in Essex that had 6 members, the father owned his own business and there wasn’t any houses in the area that he liked that had the rooms that he wanted. So we converted his loft, this gave him an extra two rooms. He was very happy as he loved where he lived but just did not want to move.

A loft conversion doesn’t take long and the money you invest into having one done can pay off when you come to sell your home in years to come. That is if you ever do want to move. Homes in Upminster are built pretty generally traditional, this means that most homes wont have a truss roof, but they are more likely to have a water tank in the loft. What does this mean?

Well a truss loft and traditional loft can both be converted, traditional lofts are a little more easy to convert that’s all, for more information check out our article on this. A  water tank would be used in part of your water heating system. This can be over come if you are willing to switch to a combi boiler, or your water tank can be moved. For more infomation on water tanks please check out our article here.

If you don’t understand and need to speak to someone please email or give us a call, part of our loft conversion Upminster service includes free consolation. So get in contact today!

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