Garage Conversion In London

Garage Conversion London – Case Study

Not everyone uses their garages these days, espcailly not for their case anyway. With everything that is going on at the moment with house prices nobody really wants to move so we find there is a growing increase in people wanting to convert their garage into a habital room.

This is exactly what this young couple living in London wanted, they did not want to move they just wanted another room for their newborn child. So a garage conversion made sense.

Before and After Garage Conversion London

Below are some pictures of the garage before the conversion and after the conversion. We can honestly say that you would never guess that it used to be a garage. This conversion was just to convert the garage get everything complete up until decoration and the wood flooring. As the customer was putting their own flooring down we left the skirting board unfixed to the wall to aviod having the nasty beading between the gap of the skirting and flooring.

We can decorate and fit wood flooring but some of our customers like to do it their self. It does not bother us we just want you to have a great finished garage conversion. It is always important to try get a closest brick match possible to the existing brick work. It can always happen but in this case it did.

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