Garage Conversion Potters Bar

Garage Conversion Potters Bar – Case Study

Recently Fox Conversions converted a garage in Potters Bar. The purpose of this garage conversion was to convert the garage into a music room along with a toilet. In order to have the garage converted it was required to have some plans drawn up and submitted to the local council. A garage conversion Potters Bar is great to add a bit more value to your home as well as creating some more habitual space.

Having a garage conversion can save a lot of money, time and effort in moving this is why we find some many of our customers deciding to convert their garage rather than moving.

After the approval this garage conversion was very straight forward. The time to convert the garage was around 2 weeks, in this time the garage door would be removed and a wall would be bricked up in place. The floor would be raised and brought up to match the floor level of the rest of the house. First fix electrical work is carried out along with the plumbing. the stud work and plaster boarding is carried out then the plastering.

Once this is done the doors skirting etc. is installed along with the second fix electrical work and plumbing. It is just the decoration to do, as most of our customers want to decorate the finished rooms most of our pictures are just after we have done our bit, that is why the walls are dark an patchy, this is just the plaster drying out.

Unfortunately the finished pictures are not here but the main bulk of the build is below.


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