Commercial Fitted Kitchen Contractor

Commercial Fitted Kitchen Contractor

A public building needed a commercial kitchen fitting company. Fox Conversions was happy to provide this service, although before there was any fitting of a kitchen all the walls needed to boxed in to hide an old part of the building behind it. This was cladded with MDF as there was a need for a strong paint-able surface.

After the surfaces where boxed in we installed the services needed such as the plumbing, sockets and spurs for the utilities. Once this was complete the kitchen fitting could be started. As you can see four ovens where needed along with two hobs and two sinks as well. The hobs needed extractor hoods as well as ducting to take the air outside.

Vinyl floor was needed as it is a lot more resistant to damage unlike tiles or carpet. After the kitchen was installed we also decorated the room as well. The whole project was complete in two weeks.


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