Extension To A School

School Extension Contactor

School Extension Contractor 

A local school was looking for another class room as they was running out of space for their students, they needed a school extension, this gave them the space that they needed and more.

Fox Conversions does not only carry out extensions to homes but also to commercial & public buildings . This extension took around 8 weeks and everything was undertaken by us. Vinyl was used instead of carpet as the children would be doing painting and drawing activities in this room, if we would of used carpet it wouldn’t take long for it to be covered in paint etc.

A storage area as needed as well as a skin so we installed a some kitchen units as well as a sink, the worktop area was over 7 meters long. A paint was chosen to complement the floor and to create a lot of light to make the room appear much bigger than what it is.

There was also need for another two one to one class rooms so they was also apart of the extension. These rooms offered teachers a quite area with their students, for this reason sound proofing the walls helped to achieve this.

As we was going to building the extension in front of an office we needed to make sure that the office still had light in there as the window would be inside the new extension. A solution to this problem was to take the window out and build a glass block wall instead. This would offer some light and some privacy to the office.

To comply with fire regulations a walk way was also needed around the extension in case of a fire. So a retaining wall was built along with a fence on top to provide a safe passage of escape in case of a fire. The fence was made to match an existing fence that was already in place around the school.


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