Garage Conversion North London

Garage Conversions In North London by Fox Conversions

This is a garage that we converted in North London, the existing garage had a some damp issues before so all of that had to be taken care of before we could convert the garage. Firstly to protect the new room from the damp we injected a chemical into the walls to stop the spread of damp to ensure that there would not be any more rising damp we also painted the walls in a waterproofing paint. Lastly as standard as we laid a damp proof membrane across the floor to stop anything coming up through the floor.

As the floor level in the house was so high we had to create a small step down into the newly converted room, else we would of had to remove all the windows and raise them, this would of damage the aged look of the building. once the floor was in we formed a new ceiling as the existing ceiling was also high and there was nowhere to insulate.

The windows where also changed from wooden rotten sash windows to uPVC sash windows. Please take a look at some of the pictures.

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