Garage Conversion Rayleigh, Southend

Garage Conversion Rayleigh, Southend by Fox Conversions

Below we converted a garage into a office and utility room with a shower and toilet. Garages are not always as big as you would want them to be so sometimes you need to make the most of the space that you have.

To start with the roof of this garage had to be changed, as it was an asbestos it had to be removed by a specialist company that can dispose of it safely. Once the roof was stripped the brickwork had to be raised in line with the rest of the house and then we had to install a new roof to that would become apart of the existing roof on the house.

Then using reclaimed tiles to match the existing tiles on the house the roof was tiled. The work inside the conversion was stright forward, there as some additional work such as laying laminate flooring and skimming some existing walls.

A window can be the key to a great garage conversion and I think the picture backs up that statement, it matches the rest of the house and it looks very smart, if you don’t get the window correct then the conversion can look very poor. The same goes with the brick match, if that is not correct then it can make the garage conversion look very nasty.

Please take a look at the pictures below, you can see how a good garage conversion can benefit you and your family.

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