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Planning For A Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion Service

Before starting a loft conversion there are many different factors that decide the path of your loft conversion. There are many physical choices to make e.g. where you want your bathroom or where you might like to have staircase.

There are also a lot of other things that you may need to know such as if you will need planning permission or not. Or what a party wall act is, there are many different rules and regulations that come into play. This is what this section of our website is here for, so that you have the general idea on what is going to happen in regards to the whole process leading up to the start date.

We will do all this work for you, this will save you all the hassle of sorting out paper work and the submission of forms to the local council. As we do this daily we know how to get through the paper work a lot faster, in result this helps us get ahead and going on your loft conversion.

Below are some links for more information on this subject, however we can help you along the route;

Loft Conversion Drawings

Party Wall Agreement

Lawful Application

Permitted Development

Our Service

To ensure you have your home the way you want it is very important to choose the right company such as Fox Conversions, we will ensure that you get the best service and help that you could get. During the loft conversion it is important to have the right advice and help and will will provide you with that.

Our workmanship is to a very high standard, all finished work is finished and ready for painting, if you don’t want to do the decorating we can help you and provide you with a quote. If you would like to finish the loft off with some flooring we can provide that for you. It is important to use the right company to convert your loft to prevent the whole project turning into a nightmare. This is your home it is best to ensure it is in the right company and Fox Conversions will ensure that you feel completable the whole time that we are with you.

We work with trusted people and fully qualified tradesmen, there is no other way about it. It is important  that nothing goes wrong with the  conversion. M

any companies cut costs by using unqualified labour, this is against the law for anyone carrying out electrical work or gas work.

Without the needed certificates after the work on gas and electrical after completion of the loft then the council will not issue you with sign off certificate which is what proves you had the conversion built under building regulations.

How We Work For You

We would like to run you through just how we go about our business. It is important to understand how a company works before you think about using their services, let alone letting them into your house! You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing anything about it, so why would you let someone open your house to the elements of the British weather without knowing how they are going to put it back?

Free Client Consultation

At this stage we can come to your home and speak with you, discuss your needs. What are you looking to gain? What is important to you two bedrooms or one bed room with a bathroom? Before running into something it is best to discuss what is the best way forward. It could be that it would not be possible to convert your loft with the space that you have, this is important to know.

Free Quotation

After we have viewed your loft we can provide you with a free quotation. We break each stage of the loft conversion into phases with the prices outlined clearly. When each phase has been completed and passed by the building inspector we will invoice you.

Going ahead

If you decide to go ahead with your loft conversion then we will look towards submitting the building notice to the local council. If you have already done this, then that is great as we can look to commencing work once it has been approved. If for any reason anything has been rejected we will work towards getting the plans approved.

Phases of work

Days leading up to the start date scaffolding will be erected and a skip will be delivered.

Phase 1 – Preparation
The first task will be to take out any services or any objects such as roof rafters  to prepare for the new work that is about to take place. We ensure that the roof is kept water tight at all times.

Loft Conversion Specialists Phase 2- Structural work
Here we need to install a new floor over your existing ceilings, this includes feeding floor joists into your loft and steel beams if needed.

Phase 3- Plumbing and Electrical first fix
Depending on your configuration a plumber and electrician will come to install the services such as radiators, toilets etc.

Phase 4- External work
Whilst the electrician and plumber are working inside installing new services, work will commence outside filling new windows and openings. Dormers will be formed and installed.  The roofing will be finished to seal the building from the outside before we start work inside your loft.

Phase 5- Installation 1st fix carpentry and insulation
Now the outside is water tight we can install the stairs leading to the loft, insulate the inside to building regulation standards, arrange the building inspector to come check the work, pass it. We can then lay the floor and plaster board the walls a ceilings ready to be plastered. The plasterer will then arrive to complete this.

Phase 6 – Second fix

Now the finishing touches can be made. The plumber and electrician can install their second fix. The carpenter will fix the skirting, architrave and install new doors and door stops on all hallway doors to meet the building inspector’s needs.

Phase 7 – Final council visit
Now we arrange a visit with the local building control officer to come and check that the conversion meets the regulations. Once the client and the building inspector are happy we can sign the conversion off.

Phase 8 – Your Transformed Loft
Now you have a new beautiful converted loft that you can enjoy, this will transform your home life. You will have space that you never had before, all of our loft rooms come with a storage solution as well that allows you to still keep items in the eves of the loft. You house will now be fully upgraded, and changed for life.
Velux Window

Taking Advantage

To ensure you get the best out of your loft conversion we try to offer you a range of different services while the scaffold is up and we are working on your roof. These extra services include new soffit and fascias or a complete new retile of your existing roof, as we already have services in place this is a great opportunity to take advantage while it is there.

So please feel free to see what we have on offer;

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Your Staircase


Soffit & Fascias

Feel like taking for loft to the next level?
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