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Garage Conversions Essex, Before And After – Hornchurch, Essex

Garage Conversion Essex – Hornchurch Below is a garage conversion in Essex that was carried out in Hornchurch in Essex. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of the inside during the work but the pictures show just how the front of a house can be changed and made to look like it has always been that way. […]

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Loft Conversion Tadworth – Surrey

Loft Conversion Tadworth Below is a loft conversion that was converted in Tadworth, Surrey. This was a conversion on a two bedroom house that was a new build and had a truss roof. We find that a typical loft conversion Tadworth has a traditional roof as the buildings tend to be a bit older, but this roof was not. […]

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Garage Conversion East London

Garage Conversion In East London This was a garage conversion that we undertook on the Isle of Dogs, with land in London being high value it is no wonder why everyone is taking advantage of their garages. A lot of the time where a house has a garage it is too small for a modern […]

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Loft Conversion In Chingford, London

Loft Conversion Chingford – London Below is some before and after for a loft conversion chingford carried out in London, this loft conversion was a hip to gable loft conversion, this is when you have a roof that  has four pitch sides that lead to a ridge. You can see the before picture below, it […]

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Garage Conversion In Essex

Garage Conversions By Fox Conversions This is a garage conversion that was carried out in Woodford, in Essex. A garage conversion can be a great way to create a room at a low cost, because the walls are already there, you just need to add a window if need be and take away the garage […]

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Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions

Loft conversions in London fall under basic types also it depends upon many factors such as style of existing roof, planning restrictions, your choice and budget regarding which kind of loft conversion is right for you. London Loft Conversions offers all the basic types such as Mansard loft conversions, Dormer lofts, Loft Storage and Hip-to-Gable […]

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Loft Conversion Sprinkler

Sprinkler Systems for Loft Conversions & Open Planned Spaces Having a domestic sprinkler system fitted at home can be a very expensive expense, there are many different systems to have. Like for example you can have the water brought in through your water main. This would be the pipe that connects your home to the […]

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Extension North London

This was an extension to a church in north London, we undertook this project many years ago, we only carried out the external works here, this project took approx six weeks. The church was needed to be extended and we carried out the task, we are very pleased with the out come of this job.

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Essex Home Extension

This is a double extension that was built in Grays, Essex. There was already a garage on the first floor, so Fox Conversions extended the back and and built up. The drawings where carried out by us and the planning was submitted by the customer. The project was going to take a three bedroom house […]

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Loft Conversions In Dagenham

Loft Conversions In Dagenham By Fox Conversions It is always a good idea to move up into the loft instead of move house, a loft conversion could be a great way to help your home and make it an ideal place tolive.Whenever you determine that you could stay were you live and invest rather than […]

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