Loft Conversion in London

This loft conversion was on a 120 year old house in Enfield in London, the dormers doors and imitation sash window as requested by the customer were solid oak and where produced in a joinery workshop, handmade to high standards. Due to the age of the house the foundations were not there, back then people built straight off of the ground. This meant the building was not very level and not square.

Case Study

Simon was looking for a loft conversion because he was expecting a new child, so unless he wanted to move he decided to have a loft conversion.

This is a loft conversion where the ceilings of the first floor had to be lowered to make up the required head room in the loft conversion; because the pitch of the roof was so low, when you stood up inside the loft you had to keep your head down from hitting the ridge (highest point of the roof).

Fox Conversions have a lot of experience in converting lofts, so we knew exactly what would have to be done this is what gives us the edge over other companies.  We came up with the idea of lowering the ceilings of the lower floor. Giving you the space upstairs as well as a good normal height downstairs as well, as the house was Victorian the ceiling where heigh anyway.

During the work Simon moved out because the work was messy, this was good for both parties as the work could progress faster. The completion time was two weeks before Christmas. While the work was under way Fox Conversions worked with Simon and implemented slight design changes that would suit his home.

In the end Simon moved upstairs, this gave his children more space downstairs. Their home was transformed and everyone was very happy.

The Work

Having the ceilings lowered is a very messy job and would make the house inhabitable, so the client moved out and took his stuff with him for six weeks while all the work was under progress. This is really the only way to undergo these types of loft conversions.

Due to the style of the house the ceiling height was very high so it made sense to lower the ceiling creating the extra height in the loft. There was another option and that was to raise the pitch of the roof. This method is not normally liked by the local councils and do not normally pass planning as it makes the house different from the surrounding houses.

Due to the ceilings upstairs being removed we also had to put a new ceiling in and plaster all the downstairs ceilings, while in the process of this we also skimmed all the first floor was as they were 120 years old and in need of some attention.

There boiler was also moved to the ensuite in the loft conversion to clear some space in the existing first floor kitchen, this worked out very well because we could design the ensuite with the boiler in mind. During the progress the client also had an a new bathroom suite fitted to the first floor bathroom along with a laminate floor suitable for bathrooms.

The new added staircase was turned into a feature by using stained pine and some white paint. Once decorated by Fox Conversions the end result was very impressive.

All work was undertaken by Fox Conversions apart from the fitting of the carpet; this project took around 6 weeks, and was finished for the customer just in time for Christmas.

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