Loft Conversion In Surrey

Truss Loft Conversion Converting a truss loft isn't as hard as it sounds, this was a truss loft that we converted in Tadworth, Surrey.

Loft Conversion In Tadworth

Case Study

After seeing one of our other loft conversions on the same street Jamie asked to have a look. Once he had a look Jamie took an interest in having a loft conversion like the one we had carried out. Fox Conversions where happy to offer him a free consolation and design his drawings for his loft conversion.

Jamie and his wife where both freelance camera people that needed an office to work from. They lived in a two bedroom semi-detached house, in Tadworth.

With everything in mind it was essential to Jamie that the staircase would look in par with downstairs and not interrupt the first floor layout, he did not want to loose a room to gain a room.

Jamie also required that he had a good clean storage area to store his expensive equipment, after all who wants to store their belongings in an area where they could possibly get damaged. So Fox Conversions ensured that the inside of the storage space was plastered. Once painted there would be no dusty surfaces in this area.

The layout of the loft was straight forward, it had a radiator and could even be used for a bedroom at a later date. Jamie’s lounge was open planned so Fox Conversions had to install a domestic sprinkler system for loft conversions. This is easy to maintain and would reduce the house insurance costs as well.

At the end of the build Jamie was very happy and we look forward to carrying out projects for him in the future.

The Work

Below is a loft conversion that was converted in Tadworth, Surrey. This was a conversion on a two bedroom house that was a new build and had a truss roof.
A truss roof conversion isn’t hard to do, it just creates a couple more days work on the conversion. This is because the existing roof needs to be re-enforced because a truss roof is a lot weaker when you start cutting the timbers.

New timbers are planted along side the old trusses and bolted together this makes the truss roof a lot more stronger and then you can put the dormer on the other side of the roof (if you are having a dormer, else both sides are re-enforced).

This loft conversion also had a combi boiler install, as there was a water tank in the loft space and it was needed to be removed in order to have the loft conversion. Fox Converisons carried out this work with their plumber.

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Loft Conversion In Tadworth


Tadworth Conversion

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Loft Conversions In Tadworth

Loft Room

Loft Conversion Tadworth

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