Preparing Your Drawings For A Loft Conversion

Before you can start your loft conversion you need to have permission from the council, depending on the size of your loft conversion and what changes you are making to your house depends on what you need to tell the council.

For example most loft conversions with just a dormer on the backside of the house where the garden is do not often need planning permission. You would just need to submit the building regulations information; this generally takes 4-6 weeks.

If you are altering the front of the house, i.e. a front dormer then you will also need planning permission, this is because no one is allowed by the council to change the front appearance of their house without permission.  This would require for you to submit drawings to the council on the design of your loft conversion, with how the front of the house will look after the changes.

At Fox Conversions we have our own architect that can arrange the planning or building regulations so they can be submitted to the council. He is a full time architect; he works as an architect full time unlike some who are part time.

The better the drawings and/or building regulations that are submitted to the council, the better chance they have of being approved. If they aren’t approved the first time then they can often push back the date of starting the loft conversion, and could cost you more in council and architect fees. So having the right person to do the drawings and/or building regulations is important.

The price we charge for this process is generally £800-£1000, this depends on the amount of work there is evolved in the planning and design process. No money is paid up front; just an initial deposit then the balance once the planning and design process is complete.