Party Wall Agreement For A Loft Conversion

If your home shares a wall for example then when converting your loft then your home needs to conform under regulations under the “The Party etc Act 1996”
This requires the people in charge of works on the loft to inform the neighbour of the work being carried out on the wall.

Normally shared walls (i.e. gable walls) will need to have 100mm pockets cut out of them to take the weight of any steels that may need to be installed. This 100mm deep pocket that is cut out is on your side of the wall, however in the process you come close to their side of the wall.

The neighbour cannot stop you from carrying out the work but they can object and change the way you go about having this work carried out.

Normally most of the time the neighbour is fine with this and have no issues along as they are approached promptly and informed of the works. This is one of the reasons to make sure that the loft conversion company carrying out the work has insurance; this can be presented to the neighbour to help them convince that you are prepared for the worst.