Garage Conversion Upminster, Essex

Garage Conversion in Essex Case Study

Towards the end of last year John was looking to convert his unused garage and turn the space into something he could use, A garage conversion Essex can also add great value! Like many of our customers he never used his garage. With children as well extra space was more important than ever, so converting the garage made sense.

Fox Conversions converted the garage within a tight time limit as Christmas was fast approaching and John was having his family round for Christmas dinner. Fox Conversions had the garage converted and then quickly started on installing his brand new kitchen. Before the kitchen was converted there was an opening that needed to be cut out and steels to be installed so that everything could be open planned.

Final Finishes

Once everything was ready the kitchen was installed, the end result was very impressive. Fox Conversions carried out all the work including the tiling the only thing we didn’t do was the granite worktop which is a specialist job.

As you can see from the picture the brick match was perfect and it is really hard to tell that there once used to be a garage door instead of the window and brick work! A garage conversion Essex can be a great way to increase the value of your home, so it makes sense to go ahead and get it converted if you have the unused space going to waste.

A garage conversion Essex is a great way to improve your home, so why not get in contact today for a free quote! Fox Conversions also offer Loft Conversions Essex as well!

Garage Conversions By Fox Conversions

Garage Conversion in Woodford

This is a garage conversion that was carried out in Woodford, in Essex. A garage conversion can be a great way to create a room at a low cost, because the walls are already there, you just need to add a window if need be and take away the garage door.

This project took around two weeks, as do most garage conversions. We are sorry we don’t have any more pictures but as soon as we receive the rest of the pictures we shall add them to the site.

Fox Conversions can provide the full service when it comes to garage conversions, if you are interested in a garage conversion then please contact us and we can arrange for a quote for you.

We will soon be adding more pictures to the website of garage conversions we have carried out.


Garage Conversion Hertfordshire – Bishops Stortford

Garage Conversion Hertfordshire

We recently carried out a garage conversion in Herefordshire, this garage conversion was a double garage that was going to be converted into a single garage and a dinning room. This garage conversion took around two weeks, it was completed without any problems.

Coving was used in this conversion so that the new room matched the rest of the house. It does add a good traditional touch to the room, we offer coving with all of our garage conversions if a customer requires it.

Garage Conversions In North London by Fox Conversions

Garage Conversions In North London by Fox Conversions

This is a garage that we converted in North London, the existing garage had a some damp issues before so all of that had to be taken care of before we could convert the garage. Firstly to protect the new room from the damp we injected a chemical into the walls to stop the spread of damp to ensure that there would not be any more rising damp we also painted the walls in a waterproofing paint. Lastly as standard as we laid a damp proof membrane across the floor to stop anything coming up through the floor.

As the floor level in the house was so high we had to create a small step down into the newly converted room, else we would of had to remove all the windows and raise them, this would of damage the aged look of the building. once the floor was in we formed a new ceiling as the existing ceiling was also high and there was nowhere to insulate.

The windows where also changed from wooden rotten sash windows to uPVC sash windows. Please take a look at some of the pictures.