Garage Conversion Upminster, Essex

Garage Conversion in Essex Case Study

Towards the end of last year John was looking to convert his unused garage and turn the space into something he could use, A garage conversion Essex can also add great value! Like many of our customers he never used his garage. With children as well extra space was more important than ever, so converting the garage made sense.

Fox Conversions converted the garage within a tight time limit as Christmas was fast approaching and John was having his family round for Christmas dinner. Fox Conversions had the garage converted and then quickly started on installing his brand new kitchen. Before the kitchen was converted there was an opening that needed to be cut out and steels to be installed so that everything could be open planned.

Final Finishes

Once everything was ready the kitchen was installed, the end result was very impressive. Fox Conversions carried out all the work including the tiling the only thing we didn’t do was the granite worktop which is a specialist job.

As you can see from the picture the brick match was perfect and it is really hard to tell that there once used to be a garage door instead of the window and brick work! A garage conversion Essex can be a great way to increase the value of your home, so it makes sense to go ahead and get it converted if you have the unused space going to waste.

A garage conversion Essex is a great way to improve your home, so why not get in contact today for a free quote! Fox Conversions also offer Loft Conversions Essex as well!