Kent Loft Conversion

Case Study

Peter & Phil where neighbours, they had semi-detached homes that shared a flat roof. Both of them decided to upgrade their homes and install a pitched roof, as well as having a pitched roof they decided to have the roof converted into living space at the same time.

Both families were planning on having children soon so it seemed like a great idea. This would be a big project, Fox Conversions where happy to take on the job.

The Work

First the trusses had to be lifted into place via a crane; once the trusses had been installed Fox Conversions tiled the roof to match the existing houses on the road installing three Velux windows to each house, two for a bedroom and one for a wardrobe. We also built up a gable wall both sides of the house to give the conversion a maximum head height inside. This allowed for a bathroom, bed room and a wardrobe.

Both clients where luckily enough to have a stairwell leading up to the flat roof, this made the process a lot more straight forward. As we did not have to cut through and install a staircase, though often people think this is a very messy job it is not but it is a lot of work that was avoided.

Fox Conversions then also went on to carry on the interior work such as installing the bathroom and radiators, fitting electrical services such as spot lights and sockets, changed all doors to 30 minute fire doors for fire regulations and decorated the whole conversion.

This conversion was carried out during the winter period, we had a lot of rain and snow but the project still only took around 11 weeks. This loft conversion isn’t the typical type of loft conversion but it was a great challenge to undertake. However it is a good example of how much potential some homes have, and how they can be converted not only to increase the size of a home but also the value of a home.

Peter and Phil’s family were very happy with the out come, having their roofs transformed meant that could live in their current homes and still expand their families.