Loft Conversion in Bromley

Case Study

Leon was an recommend to us after encountering a rouge builder. The rouge builder started his loft conversion in Bromley, demanding further payments before completing the works. The builder was already behind on schedule and had been paid for more that what he’d actually carried out.

Fox Conversions was employed to assess the works already carried out and working with the local building control office finish the works.

The works where less than half completed

The Work

Finishing work that’s already been started can be just as tricky as starting from scratch. You cannot be sure how parts of the project have gotten to where they are as it may not be visible.

Once the initial work had been double checked. Some of the works where deemed not to comply with building regulations so some of it had to be removed and rebuilt.

Leon had a hipped roof before the loft conversion so we needed to build a new gable. The gable is the vertical triangle part of the roof.

When building the gable up (if there was not one before) you can use a number of different materials such as hanging tiles, render or brick.

Unfortunately on this one we didn’t get any internal pictures

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