South Woodford Kitchen Extension

Case Study

Matt needed to extend his kitchen, as his existing kitchen was too small for his growing family.

The young family where living in L shaped Victorian house in South Woodford, London. Rather than extend further into his garden eating more space he extended across.

This wasn’t a massive extension but exactly what he needed in order to achieve a bigger kitchen.

The Work

Even though the new addition to the house wasn’t massive there was still a fair amount of substantial work to be carried out.

To create the opening into the new kitchen to make everything one room we had to remove the entire lower walls with the first floor walls intact.

Mat also liked the idea of a bare brick wall as seen on some of our other projects. So this was incorporated, with project such this with a Victorian look reclaimed yellow stocks where used.

Flat roof skylights where also used in the roof to create light into the room as the house was a terrace, so having windows either side wasn’t an option.

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