Types of Loft Conversions

When you choose to convert your loft space there are many different types of loft conversions that are possible, below are the most common conversions. Different types of loft conversions can help you choose your budget so its always good to know your options.


Type Of Loft Conversion

Velux Conversion

Velux Loft Conversion

This is the simplest and most cost effective type of loft conversion. Planning permission isn’t necessary but you will require a building regulations appilcation to be submitted to the local council. This process leaves the roof structure intact, apart from the installation of sky ligts and some ventilation.

Normally this is great if you already have good head room and space in your loft, Velux conversions are great for low budget loft conversions are normally take a lot less time to convert than of types of conversions.

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Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Essex

Hip To Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to Gable Conversion

This is a very good way maximising the space in your conversion. The corners on your roof are taken out and replaced by brick work/hanging tiles etc this creates a flat side of the roof, this often leaves more room and can help improve space and head hight.

Another option for this layout is then to add a dormer to the rear of the property to incase space again. See dormer loft convesions below for more information.

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Dormer Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion Dormer

Dormer Conversion

Depending on the type of conversion a dormer can go at the front, back or side. Dormers are a great way to create even more space in your conversion by adding space for a window, balcony doors or a bathroom. This would be ideal for a scenic view into your garden and/or beyond your garden. Dormers are great if you want to encorperate a ensuite or bathroom into your loft conversion.

Normally you only need planning permission for a front dormer, this is when the doormer if facing the front of your house, where your front door is. If its not on the front of your house then you do not need planning permission, unless you live in a shared ownership home.

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Loft Conversion Types

Mansard Loft

Mansard Loft Converisons

This is a classic type of conversion where the top of the roof is flat, the area where the roof falls out would actually fall into the conversion slightly allowing you to have windows and a leaves you with a spacious conversion. You may need planning permission if your property is in a conservation area.