How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost?

How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost?

How much dose a loft conversions costs? Generally this is one of the most asked questions we are asked, and there are many different ways to answer this question.

There are many different ways loft conversions are carried out. There are many different styles of loft conversions; there are also many different features a loft conversion can have. Think of it like buying a £10,000 car the price could start at £10,000 but then you add your road tax, the VAT etc. By the time you have finished adding up all the extras you would have to add to the car could cost £20,000.

The same could be said about a loft conversion, if you are preparing to have a number of loft conversion companies around to discuss your loft conversion and give you quotes then first it is ideal to have a set of drawings prepared first along with the building regulations paper work.

This way you will not have any company turn round to you throughout the build telling you that “oh we didn’t include the cost of this in the quote” and then you getting hit for a bill of any amount of money.

Not every loft conversion specialist company allow you to have the drawings prepared with them and then use another company. So ask the loft conversion company first and then you know you will be safe when it comes to shopping around for someone to convert your loft.


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